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GRABiD Logistics

Freight Transportation Software Solutions

GRABiD Logistics ERP consists of three software modules specifically designed for the transport and logistics industry. Each module focuses on the needs of a specific type of operator and provides cloud-based solutions that are unique within the industry.

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About GRABiD

More About GRABiD Logistics

GRABiD Logistics is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in ERP multi-module SaaS platforms for SME owner operators, freight brokers and large transport/logistics operators. Our feature-rich software platform is designed specifically to be modular, robust and easy to use.

Our modules are ready to go, right out of the box but can be configured to your specific needs. As an added bonus, all users are able to benefit from these enhancements. We can also customise the software to match your brand. Hosted on Amazon Elastic S3 Cloud, customers can benefit from unlimited scalability, continual backups and superior flexibility:

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Fully secured cloud-based platform.

Automated load matching, dispatch, invoicing, billing, invoice finance, signature on glass, and geo-tracking.

Real-time data for efficiency and transparency.

Facilitates transparency and COR compliance.

User-friendly web and mobile software applications.

Quick and simple solution roll-out.

Cost-effective solution with demonstrative value for money.

All modules are designed to work seamlessly together but can be used individually.

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GRABiD Logistics Modules

Load Matching & Fleet Dispatch ERP

Load Matching & Fleet Dispatch ERP Software for large transport operators and freight originators.

fleet dispatch erp module

Freight Matching & Scheduling

Freight Matching & Scheduling Software

scheduling module

Mobile Business Efficiency & Load Matching Offload

Mobile Business Efficiency & Load Matching Offload Marketplace for SME Owner Operators.

mobile business efficiency

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