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Mobile Business Efficiency & Load Matching Offload Marketplace

The Mobile Business Efficiency & Load Matching Offload Marketplace is designed specifically for SME owner operator who are looking to more efficiently manage their business, source more jobs (backload or otherwise) and offload jobs onto other drivers down the chain.

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Users of this module can easily tap into jobs available from:

  • Large and medium size logistics operators using GRABiD’s Load Matching & Fleet Dispatch ERP module.
  • Freight brokers, loading agents, manufacturers and retailers, as well as freight forwarders using GRABiD’s Freight Matching & Scheduling web application.
  • Other SME owner operators needing to offload excess jobs they can’t handle.

GRABiD Logistics Mobile Business Efficiency & Load Matching Offload Marketplace is a world first of its kind.  Whether a sole trader operating alone or an SME with 20 trucks, GRABiD Logistics was created to make your life easier while getting paid quicker.

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A Challenge is an Opportunity for Improvement

GRABiD Logistics is a result of a 22-month analysis of the transport logistics market and the challenges SME owner operators are faced with on a daily basis. When we understood these challenges and validated them within the industry, creating a software solution was easy.

The result is a comprehensive first-of-its-kind business tool delivering a load matching and offloading marketplace that solves nine challenges (in no particular order of importance):


  • Simple and effortless load matching to single drivers or groups of drivers.
  • Real-time geo-tracking and time stamping using driver mobile apps.
  • Automated, paperless invoicing.
  • COR risk management and discharge.
  • Early payment to sub-contractor.
  • No need to change desktop computing infrastructure.
  • Unlimited cloud data storage.
  • No need for 3rd party PDAs.
  • Designed to work flawlessly with all GRABiD Logistics modules.
  • World-first Loyalty & Referral Program.


  • Dispatchers can quickly match jobs, vehicles and drivers.
  • Dispatchers and sub-dispatchers can fully meet their obligations under Australia’s COR legislation.
  • Dispatchers and sub dispatchers can instantly send tracking links to customers as well as completed delivery details.
  • Connect with brokers and drivers in the GRABiD Logistics eco-system to source and dispatch backloads.
  • Drivers can upload POD photos to the cloud server in real-time.
  • No need for PDA software.
  • No need for 3rd party geo-trackers.
  • Benefit from lifelong referral and loyalty cashback dollars.


The GRABiD Logistics Mobile Business Efficiency & Load Matching Offload Marketplace is suitable for SME owner operators who want to streamline their business systems and increase profits. Using GRABiD Logistics, SME owner operators can increase efficiency and process jobs quicker, as well as expand their ability to cover more jobs without employing new drivers or leasing additional trucks. They can also access backloads from brokers and other freight originators on an as-needed basis.  SME owner operators have lifelong access to our Loyalty & Referral Program.


Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer is zero dollars. You can use the GRABiD Logistics mobile and web applications to run your business and dispatch jobs at no cost.

No. As an SME owner operator you only need to download the mobile application to your phone. Acting as a sender, you can quickly match excess loads to other SME owner operators and request their acceptance of these loads. If you upload your own details to the app, others can offer you jobs and backloads.

No. Owner operators can download the GRABiD Logistics mobile applications and benefit from all of its features.

No. As with any software, once you familiarise yourself with the application it’s very quick to pick up and easy to use. You don’t need any technical knowledge or any IT background to use this software.

For more information on the Mobile Business Efficiency & Load Matching Offload Marketplace, Contact Us today.